Testing & Analysis

Push It Until It Breaks

Before any product from Boundary Equipment reaches use in the field, it goes through a rigorous regimen of testing and analysis. For any part testing is important, for our parts and equipment, it’s necessary. We push our products so you know how far you can go with your equipment.

Boundary is a proud holder of the APEGGA permit and our professional engineering staff consistently strive to exceed expectations set by industry standards. Our staff of mechanical and metallurgical engineers insure that all testing and analysis are performed following approved procedures and according to latest governing standards.

Part Analysis

Part Analysis

Boundary Engineering uses the latest 3D modeling software to design and test new products before they hit the production floor. Our goal is to eliminate costly mistakes associated with design errors.

All critical Boundary products are subjected to Finite Element Analysis to insure safety and reliability. The Finite Element Analysis is also used to optimize products in order to improve designs.

When you need to be confident in your equipment, you can count on Boundary Equipment.

If your product needs to be improved, modified, changed, tested or verified talk to Boundary’s Engineering staff at engineering@boundaryequipment.com.


Finite Element Analysis
Solid Modeling
AutoCAD and Solid Works manipulation

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