Hard Rock Drills

Highest Levels of Performance

In the last 40 years Boundary’s P&H hard rock drill undercarriage has been tested in the most challenging mining regions in the world and demonstrated the highest level of performance.



Optimized material and heat treatment processes to extend life.

Forged and hardened to 40 HRc.

Proven modified manganese bronze bushings.

100% interchangeable with OEM.


Track Shoes

Boundary’s Komatsu/P&H drill track shoes have been optimized for reliability.

Cast in a proprietary alloy to achieve hardness levels exceeding industry standards.

The material has been designed to have an impact value suitable for mining operations in Canada, United States, Chile, Peru, Africa and anywhere else in the world.

100% interchangeable with OEM.

Mining Drill.png

Complete Undercarriage

Boundary’s Komatsu/P&H drill undercarriage provides your mine site with proven reliability and performance.

Boundary has assessed OEM design weaknesses on each component group and processed material or design changes to enhance performance.

All products are 100% interchangeable with OEM.



We’re proud to put the Boundary mark on the mining replacement parts and equipment that we sell. All products and services we offer come with a full guarantee. If it’s not right, we’ll be there to make it right. We want you to use Boundary mining products with confidence.

  • Models We Service

    Komatsu/P&H 320

    Komatsu/P&H 120

  • Undercarriage

    Track Shoes

    Front Idlers

    Drive Tumblers

    Lower Rollers

    Top Rollers

    Pins & Bushings


  • Transmissions

    Propel New/Rebuild

    Rotary New/Rebuild

    Pulldown New/Rebuild

  • Other

    Mast Racking

    Mast Pinion

Pit Viper Rotary Transmission.png


Large Gearbox Rebuilds

Going beyond simple repair and supply to maximize reliability, performance.