Lowering Cost of Ownership

Design & Engineering

This desire to improve products and in-service effectiveness has resulted in Boundary’s product development standards that have grown our reputation and site acceptance over the last 40 years

A measure of the stature and skill of our design department is represented on the multitude of improvements on hydraulic shovels, rope shovels and hard rock drills.

  • CAT 7495 Padlock: Completely redesigned padlock to extend component life and repairability.
  • CAT 7495 Boom Point Sheave: Modified boom point sheave to prevent common failure modes.
  • CAT 7495: Replaceable lug drive tumbler to extend life tumbler teeth and allow for core re-use
  • PC 5500/8000: Boundary designed a slider system to eliminate the top rollers failing at low hours causing increased maintenance.
  • MD 6640: Modified undercarriage rollers to improve ease of installation and serviceability.

The above design improvements represent a very small portion of the advancements we have made on open-pit mining equipment. Boundary’s core design work also includes the capability and expertise to design copper ladles and slag pots, apron feeder pans and rotary breaker components.



CAT 7495 Lower Works

Boundary has engineered and improved many components on the CAT 7495 lower works.

Re-design of slider system to eliminate weld on slider caps.

Design of replaceable lug drive tumbler to increase hardness of tumbler teeth.

Improved material design and heat treatment processes on rear idlers, lower rollers and front idlers.

Ability to supply track shoes in both alloy and manganese without modifying the side frames.

Manganese Breaker Plate.200.png

Extended Wear

Rotary Breaker Component Design

Since inception Boundary has been re-designing rotary breaker plates, plows and lifters.

Elimination of fabricated designs.

Castings are specified with proven materials to extend wear life.

Re-design of breaker plates to improve sizing and breaker productivity.

Re-design of lifters and plows to extend life and usability.


Optimize Productivity

Copper Smelter Ladle and Slag Pot Design

With a proven history designing and manufacturing ladles and slag pots over 100T Boundary is relied upon by Copper Smelters worldwide.

Complete ladle or slag pot design to optimize productivity.

Unique proprietary design features to reduce ownership cost and serviceability.

Loaded and thermal finite element analysis to prove designs and reliability.