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Boundary’s foundations were established designing replacement components for rotary breakers. After decades of experience, Boundary mineral processing products are designed and manufactured to improve wear life and reduce maintenance costs.


Cast Manganese Breaker Plates

Boundary can replace your fabricated rotary breaker plates or optimize cast design for improved wear life.

All Boundary breaker plates are made in proprietary cast manganese steel.

All breaker plates have specially designed through holes to ensure efficient sizing and prevent plugging.

Designed to fit with Boundary’s unique lifters which extend the life and efficiency of plow or lifter.


2-in-1 Lifter & Plow

Integrate your lifters and your plows into one product to reduce inventory cost, operating cost and improve efficiency.

Made in Boundary’s proprietary cast manganese steel.

Our foundry process is controlled with special emphasis on feeding the casting to ensure soundness.

Boundary’s innovative engineering team has set the standard for the integration of the lifter and plow into one unit.



We’re proud to put the Boundary mark on the mining replacement parts and equipment that we sell. All products and services we offer come with a full guarantee. If it’s not right, we’ll be there to make it right. We want you to use Boundary mining products with confidence.

  • Mineral Processing Products

    Cast Rotary Breaker Plates

    Cast Rotary Breaker Lifters

    Cast Rotary Breaker Plows

    Breaker Scroll


    Apron Feeder Pans

    Scalping Screens

    Screen Cloth

    Heavy Media Vessel Flights

    Plow Retention Discs

    Crusher Rolls

    Centrifuge Paddles


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