Parts You Can Count On

Engineered In-House to the Highest Standards

Boundary’s CAT 7495 components are working in a significant portion of Canada’s largest hard rock operations. Our components were designed to meet Canada’s sub-arctic temperatures head-on and the expansion of our services is a testament to our success.


Point Sheave

Proven in Canada’s hardest working conditions, Boundary can supply new or rebuild your point sheaves.

Designed and built with larger upgraded bearing.

Improved casting design with optimized material and sheave groove hardness.

100% interchangeable with OEM.



The most innovative and hardest working padlock available. Bigger, better, stronger.

Cast padlock frame with improved material properties and a modified shape for improved load distribution.

Cast design eliminates fabricated frame cracking issues and reduces rebuild cost.

Induction hardened pins, manganese steel bushings and forge padlock sheave.

Grease lubrication ports added for optional use.


Replaceable Lug Drive Tumbler

Boundary’s Patent Pending drive tumbler allows for increased lug hardness and lower ownership cost.

The conventional drive tumbler has a limited hardness due to spline cutting.

Boundary’s drive lugs are forged and hardened to extend life and prevent early changeout.

Drive tumblers can be re-used multiple times to reduce ownership cost.

100% interchangeable with OEM undercarriage.


Through continuous improvement in the last 40 years, Boundary has optimized its rope shovel undercarriage components

  • CAT 7495 track shoes are available in alloy bushed or unbushed and manganese. Boundary’s alloy and manganese track shoes are made with proprietary materials.
  • Slider system re-designed for bolt on sliders.
  • Rollers, rear idlers and shafts forged and induction hardened.
  • All components 100% interchangeable with OEM components.
Boundary Posikeepers P&H 4100 XPB.png


Our Posikeeper has become the industry standard for rope shovel track pin retention

Designed to keep the pin in place with full contact in the connection lugs to improve track component life.

Reduced pin change outs due to uneven wear and crank shafting.

No more walking out of track pins.



Boundary parts are engineered in-house to our material specifications and manufactured in accordance with our Quality Management System as part of our ISO 9001 certification.

  • Undercarriage

    Propel Transmissions

    Track Shoes

    Front Idlers

    Drive Tumblers

    Lower Rollers

    Rear Idlers


    Pins & Bushings

    Pillow Blocks


  • Bucket

    Latch Bar

    Latch Lever

    Pitch Braces

    Bucket Door Hardware

    Pins & Bushings

    Bumpers & Cushions

  • Swing

    Swing Transmissions

    Swing Pinions

  • Hoist

    Hoist Transmission

    Boom Point Sheaves


    Hoist Ropes

    Hoist Pinion

  • Other

    Hydracrowd Cylinder Rebuild

    Impact Plate & Structure

    Boarding Ladder

    Lube Boom



CAT 7495 Propel Rebuilds

CAT 7495HF Propel Rebuilds