One of the largest aftermarket suppliers of feeder pans in the Western Hemisphere

Over the last 45 years, Boundary has become one of the largest aftermarket suppliers of feeder pans in the Western Hemisphere. The wear surfaces on Boundary’s manganese feeder pans, which are subject to impact and high-stress abrasion, work harden to over 400 BHN for a long wear life.


Proper Fit, Smooth Articulation

Our apron feeder pans, for all makes of feeders, are designed, jigged and tested for superior fit.

Each of our pans is manufactured identically due to our casting method and our use of jigs and gauges.

Highest dimensional accuracy ensures proper articulation with industry leading gap minimization.


Proven Performance

Boundary’s apron feeder pans are working at the largest open pit mining operations in the world.

Ability to manufacture all pan sizes from 36” to 20 ft.

Our feeder pans exhibit the tightest fit with enhanced overlap to avoid trapping material in between the pans.

All feeder pans come with recessed bolts and an integral lifting lug to improve installation.

Designed to Suit All Manufacturers

Boundary can design feeder pans to suit any apron feeder including but not limited to the following:



Manufactured to the highest quality with superior fit across all feeder pan sizes.

  • Apron Feeder Components

    Feeder Pans

    Drive Sprockets



    Return Rollers

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Apron Feeder Gearbox Rebuilds

All makes and models of apron feeder and conveyor drives.