Manufacture & Repair

With a history of reliability on large mining component repair, Boundary’s master tradesmen have set Boundary’s repair, rebuild and manufacture services apart. Due to Boundary’s proximity to the Oilsands, repairs on CAT 7495 and P&H 4100 components have become more than a speciality. From point sheaves to padlocks to front idlers, we look not only to rebuild but to improve the product and extend the product life cycle.

“Specializing in large mining component repair”

The Boundary Group’s dedicated team of engineers, master tradesmen and mining professionals, are available to able help with whatever your repair need, including welding and fabrication, machining, hydraulics, gear manufacturing or other mechanical repair.

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Our Rebuild Focus.

Boundary focuses on mining components for draglines, hydraulic machines and rope shovels including the following:

CAT 7495 Point Sheaves.

CAT 7495 Padlocks.

CAT & Komatsu Shovel front idlers.

Bucyrus 8200 & 8750 dump blocks, spreader bars, hoist and drag sockets and twist links, among others.

Front idler rebuilds for large Hitachi, Komatsu and Caterpillar hydraulic shovels.

Manufacture of P&H racking


Rebuild Process

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Step 1.
Learn and understand historical component performance, hours, failure modes, etc.
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Step 2.
Reviewed planned maintenance intervals to ensure sub-component and service availability.
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Step 3.
Receive, inspect and report on condition.
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Step 4.
Commence repair and/or rebuild work.


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