Cast Smelter Products

Optimized to Your Unique Conditions

Boundary has developed extensive experience designing and optimizing cast smelter products, including but not limited to copper and matte ladles, slag pots, slag launders, casting wheel master moulds, silver moulds, converter collars and rabble arms and teeth. Our process beings with understanding your unique smelter conditions, then applying innovations or enhancements to extend life and performance. Through FEA and thermal FEA we can extensively assess the properties of our designs.


Copper, Matte and Slag Ladles

Custom designed copper and matte ladles to improve the operating efficiency of your smelter.

Boundary can supply ladles up to 100,000 lbs.

Each ladle is optimized based on the density of the material, the capacity of the crane and the unique ways in which the ladle is handled in each smelter.

Boundary’s customers include some of the largest and most advanced smelters in the world.


Removable Ladle Trunnions

Boundary has developed a unique replaceable trunnion to reduce the cost of replacing an entire ladle as a result of worn trunnions.

Reduced cost of replacement ladles.

Our foundry process is controlled with special emphasis on feeding the casting to ensure soundness.

Inspected by NDT methods including magnetic particle, ultrasonic and X-ray inspection.


Slag Cooling Pots

Custom designed slag cooling pots based on the application of your smelter whether handled by crane or forklift.


Master Mould Frames

Designed to improve the efficiency of mould pouring with proven Boundary casting quality.



Our process beings with understanding your unique conditions. Through FEA and thermal FEA we can extensively assess the properties of our designs.

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