YESS™ Roadway Maintenance System

Innovative Grader Board and Carbide Tool Design

This revolutionary sectioned based road grading equipment system was designed by Boundary engineers to improve safety and handling and to reduce downtime and wear.

The You Expected Something Special (YESS™) System improves upon the System 2000™ pioneered by Boundary and Sandvik in the early 1990s.

Boundary’s patented YESS™ roadway maintenance system provides safer, easier installation and superior performance and wear life, resulting in reduced operating costs.

Designed for gravel roads, oil-treated roads, ice and snow removal and asphalt planing. Compatible with Caterpillar, Champion, John Deere graders and other moldboard equipped vehicles.

YESS™ Grader Boards:
YESS™ System grader boards consist of 1 ft panels weighing approximately 40 lbs each as compared to previous conventional systems using 3 ft or 4 ft sections weighing 120-160 lbs each. Changing grader boards is now a 1-man operation. The operator can carry a replacement board in the cab and easily fix local board damage.

YESS™ grader boards are standard punched to fit all 3/4” punched moldboards and use industry best 8 carbide grader tools per foot. Reducer bolts are available for 5/8” punch.

Boundary’s YESS™ boards utilize a harder material and have been designed to create dead bedding to reduce wear. Continuous overlapping of our grader board segments eliminates weakness caused by unsupported joints.

YESS™ Grader Tool & Shield Retainer Clip:
Boundary’s rotating carbide grader bit is the longest wearing grader blade tip available.

The shield retainer clip compresses the tool’s spring clip until installation protects the front face and heel of the tool holder and improves grader tool retention on uneven roads.

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