Komatsu Shovel Sliders - Roller Replacement

Innovative Sliders to replace Top Rollers on PC8000, PC5500, PC4000

Boundary has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality replacement parts for hydraulic shovels since 1980. Boundary parts are 100% interchangeable with OEM parts and are engineered in-house to our material specifications. Our parts are manufactured in accordance with our Quality Management System as part of our ISO 9001 certification.

We have the engineering capability to provide innovative design solutions for our customers, making us a preferred supplier to mines worldwide.

Boundary engineers initially designed our Slider Rail System (SRS)™ for the PC5500 shovel and have now expanded on that to make it available for the PC8000 and PC4000 shovels as well. This replaceable wear cap slider system for Komatsu shovels provides improved performance over the OEM upper carrier rollers.

These sliders replace existing upper rollers that have a tendency to seize on the shaft and stop rotating. Boundary’s Slider Rail System is similar to the sliders used on P&H and BE shovels.

The slider support frames (front and rear) will be installed into the existing roller supports and also bolted in between the existing supports. If for any reason, you wish to go back to rollers, they can easily be re-installed.

The Slider Rail System caps will be installed on the support frames using pins, washers and cotter pins, making replacement safe and efficient. The slider caps are a cast steel which has a low coefficient of friction and no galling friction.

1 Slider Support Kit replaces 3 top rollers on each side.

  • PC8000 Slider Support Kit (1EH33-C6077-000)
  • PC5500 Slider Support Kit (1EH33-C5973-000)
  • PC4000 Slider Support Kit (1EH33-C6055-000)

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Available for: Komatsu