CAT 7495 Shovel Parts

Undercarriage, Bucket Door and Rigging Parts for CAT 7495 Mining Shovels

Since 1980 Boundary has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality electric rope shovel replacement parts that are 100% interchangeable with OEM parts.

Boundary offers an extensive line of replacement wear parts for the CAT 7495 [BE 495HR] and the CAT 7495HF [BE 495HF] mining shovels. Our undercarriage offering is complete (excluding the side frames), and our bucket door parts are becoming the Canadian standard.


  • Boundary’s alloy track shoes minimum hardness is 320 BHN.
  • Rollers and rear idlers are forged and induction hardened.
  • Front idlers come standard with Tough Met Bushings.


Boundary parts are engineered in-house to our material specifications and manufactured in accordance with our Quality Management System as part of our ISO 9001 certification.

Our broad engineering capability enables us to provide innovative design solutions for our customers, making us a preferred supplier to the worldwide mining community.

  • Boundary’s Posikeeper™ provides superior track pin retention and notably improves pin life and reduces bore wear.
  • Boundary’s 7495HF track shoe is a one-piece 125” track pad with added slide rail for pin installation and improved design for roller path flow.
  • Boundary’s latch bar is supplied as one piece to replace the high-cost OEM latch bar which uses an expensive insert. Our latch keeper insert is threaded and can be installed from the bottom without opening the bucket door.
  • The Boundary DragonLock™ is our newly designed padlock which extends life and improves performance.
  • The Boundary Boom Point Sheave is designed and built with the larger upgraded bearing. The sheave rope groove is induction hardened to 54 HRC.

Aftermarket Parts for CAT 7495 Shovel

Boundary’s genuine replacement parts for the Caterpillar 7495 include:

  • Undercarriage assembly parts
  • Bucket door parts
  • Rigging parts

The lists below cross-reference Boundary CAT 7495 parts to the OEM part number they replace.

Undercarriage Assembly:
  • Track Shoe 2000mm c/w Bushings [OEM# 1402170, S007809]
  • Track Shoe 125” LH [7495HF]
  • Track Shoe 125” RH [7495HF]
  • Track Shoe Pin [OEM# 1272779, B008616-01]
  • Posikeeper Kit
  • Drive Tumbler [OEM# 1226770, MP600341]
  • Lower Roller c/w Bushing [OEM# 1175984, MP211857]
  • Lower Roller Thrust Washer [OEM# 1226788, MP600366]
  • Lower Roller Shaft [OEM# 1226822, MP600417]
  • Lower Roller Collar [OEM# 1227315, MP601281]
  • Front Idler c/w Bushing [OEM# 1411916, S035584]
  • Front Idler Thrust Washer [OEM# 1180538, MP257001]
  • Front Idler Shaft [OEM# 1210601, MP401454]
  • Pillow Block [OEM# 1227757, MP602331]
  • Pillow Block Pin Lock [OEM# 1227762, MP602334]
  • Rear Idler Wheel c/w Bushing [OEM# 1226822, MP211838]
  • Rear Idler Thrust Washer [OEM# 1226789, MP600367]
  • Rear Idler Shaft [OEM# 1226825, MP600418]
  • Rear Idler Collar Tube [OEM# 1227316, MP601283]
  • Slider Bar Cap, Center [OEM# 1175625, MP210225]
  • Slider Bar Cap, End [OEM# 1180659, MP257246]
  • Support Base, Front [OEM# 1180660, MP257247]
  • Support Base, Center [OEM# 1215097, MP426721]
  • Support Base, Center [OEM# 1210604, MP401469]
  • Support Base, Back [OEM# 1210605, MP401470]

Bucket Door, Boom & Impact:
  • Latch Bar [OEM# 140949, S035699]
  • Latch Lever – Mn Bushing Installed [OEM# 1401955, S007554]
  • Lever Pin, Fulcrum [OEM# 1402102, S007710]
  • OEM Latch Keeper Insert [OEM# 1272916, B008793-01]
  • Boundary Upgraded Latch Keeper Insert – Bottom Installation [OEM# 1272916, B008793-01]
  • Latch Keeper Assembly – Keeper, Wear Plate & Latch Keeper Insert [OEM# 1390658, E021933-02]
  • Bumper, Latch, Lever Rest [OEM# 14019511, S007550]
  • Bumper, Lever Upper Stop [OEM# 1402169, S007778]
  • Bumper Housing w/ Liners [OEM# 1289810, C118290-01]
  • Bumper, Dipper Door [OEM# 1285962, C114689-01]
  • Boom Bumper [OEM# 1357821, 82059665]
  • Plate, Impact, Boom Bumper [OEM# 1400808, S003733]
  • Boom Point Sheave [OEM# 467-7942, S070824]

Padlock / DragonLock™:
  • Padlock Assembly, RH [OEM# 1411881, S035558]
  • Padlock Assembly, LH [OEM# 1411888, S035559]
  • Frame, Padlock Sheave [OEM# 1329697, D027229-01]
  • Link, Padlock, RH [OEM# 1411873, S035554]
  • Link, Padlock, LH [OEM# 1411877, S035555]
  • Sheave, Padlock [OEM# 1420154, S055681]
  • Pin, Sheave [OEM# 1284321, C113151-01]
  • Spacer, Tube [OEM# 1272022, B007549-01]
  • Bushing, Padlock Sheave [OEM# 1270539, B005732-01]
  • Bushing, Frame Link Pin [OEM# 1270538, B005731-01]
  • Bushing, Padlock Link [OEM# 1270537, B005730-01]
  • Bushing, Sheave Pin [OEM# 1270536, B005729-01]
  • Bushing [OEM# 1411879, S035556]
  • Washer, Pin Thrust [OEM# 1265026, A003488-02]
  • Dowel, Pin Thrust Washer [OEM# 1359037, 82232300]
  • Pin and Clamp [OEM# 1418175, S051146]
  • Bolt, 1.25 × 12.00 [OEM# 1231224, 2458930]

Boundary has qualified a number of the highest quality gear manufacturers as partners to assist with requirements on the crowd, swing, hoist and propel transmissions.

Safety Products:
Boundary also provides safety products for mining equipment through our division International Service and Supply Ltd, including the following for the CAT 7495:

Bumper impact products – as listed above under Bucket Door, Boom & Impact Cross-Reference
Boarding Ladder – OEM# S070538, S070541, 1424560, 1424563
Hydraulic Lube Boom – enables the shovel to be lubed safely in any position.

CAT 7495 Shovel Replacement Parts Information

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