Affiliate Spotlight - United Gear

Last month, we introduced Boundary’s capabilities as a one-stop shop. Today, we would like to formally introduce you to one of our affiliates and gearbox specialists – United Gear.

United Gear

Gearbox Rebuild and Optimization Specialists

United Gear specializes in rebuilding and optimizing large gearboxes for the mining industry. Whether the largest rope shovel transmission or the largest apron feeder drives, United Gear has the experience to maximize reliability and performance.

Area of Expertise

United Gear's primary area of expertise is within mining products such as:

CAT 7495 Lower Works

Gearbox Service, Maintenance, & Repair

No matter your gearbox or transmission challenge, United Gear can help. United Gear takes the time to understand the challenges or needs of every project, carefully weight costs and benefits, and provide a product as good as the original, if not better.

Gearbox Services:

  • Gearbox Inspection
  • Repair
  • Gearbox Improvements
  • Rebuilds or refurbishment
  • Gear cutting & grinding
  • Gearbox testing
CAT 7495 Propel Transmission

Industries Served

With over 50 years of experience with gearboxes from a large range of industries, United Gear are experts at gear geometry and enhancing materials or mechanical components. Due to the number and frequency of rebuilds of CAT 7495 and P&H shovel transmissions, United Gear has identified consistent failure patterns and are constantly improving our materials & mechanical arrangements. Other than mining-specific transmissions, United Gear specializes in the following sectors:

To find out more about United Gear, please take a moment to visit their website , or reach out to them directly by calling 604-929-6569.