Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts for Mining Shovels and Excavators

BOUNDARY is the recognized leader in the engineering and manufacture of replacement undercarriage parts for the P&H shovels, Hitachi mining shovels, Komatsu excavators, Caterpillar 5230 shovel, the O&K shovel fleet and the Bucyrus shovel and excavators. Boundary manufactures replacement undercarriage parts that are equal to or better than OEM specifications and standards. Whether you’re looking for the track shoe for the P&H 2100, the shoe for the P&H 2300 shovel, the track link for the P&H 2800, or the shovel shoe for the P&H 4100 you can find them all at Boundary. We also manufacture undercarriage aftermarket parts for the Hitachi 2500 excavator, the 3500, 3600, 5500 and the 8000 Hitachi machines.

Boundary engineers and manufactures crawler shoes for Komatsu and Demag equipment. Replacement undercarriage parts for O&K are available from Boundary. We build replacement crawler shoes for the O&K 120, the O&K 200 and the O&K 400 and 800 mining machines. Ask about our track shoes for Bucyrus 295, or the undercarriage parts for Bucyrus 395 and Bucyrus 495. We also provide track shoes and tumblers for Marion 301 and 195 excavators. For hard to find Caterpillar 5230 undercarriage parts contact BOUNDARY for replacement part availability.

Contact us for your complete undercarriage part needs including aftermarket track shoes, drive tumblers, rollers and idlers. Ask for BOUNDARY crawler undercarriage parts for P&H, O&K, Bucyrus, Komatsu, Hitachi and Caterpillar mining machines. Boundary welcomes custom undercarriage enquiries or enquiries for hard to find undercarriage replacement parts. Boundary ships worldwide. Look for a Boundary dealer in your area.

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