Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts for Mining Shovels and Drills

Boundary is the recognized leader in the engineering and manufacture of replacement undercarriage parts for Caterpillar, Bucyrus Erie, O&K, P&H, Hitachi and Komatsu mining shovels and Caterpillar, Bucyrus Erie and P&H drills. Click on the brand links for more information on the models and aftermarket undercarriage parts we supply.

Fully Interchangeable With OEM Parts

Boundary manufactures replacement undercarriage parts that are equal to or better than OEM specifications and standards. Whether you’re looking for track shoes, drive tumblers, idlers, rollers, sliders or bucket & arm parts, you can find them all at Boundary.

Innovation Design Modifications

We also offer innovative solutions and design modifications for undercarriage parts that provide cost-effective performance for our customers by extending product life.

If you have problems with your undercarriage parts that you need solved, contact us for a solution.

Rebuild & Repair Service

Worn shovel components do not always have to be replaced. We have extensive experience rebuilding and repairing parts to give them longer, more reliable product life.

Contact Boundary today for all your shovel and drill undercarriage requirements.

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