System 2000™ Carbide Tools

Heavy Duty Rotating Tools

BOUNDARY carries a complete line of Sandvik rotating tools for planing, scarifying, ice blading, penetration, and long wear variety. BOUNDARY has Sandvik tools for construction, mining and maintenance of forestry and oil and gas tertiary roads. BOUNDARY proprietary rotating tools replace and improve on Kennamental products.

The BOUNDARY HD mining tools are a leading product for the heavy going. The best quality BOUNDARY tools compete and replace Sandvik and Kennametal tools in all mining and construction activities. Insist on genuine BOUNDARY rotating bits with tungsten carbide or hardened steel and remember we have the solution for your unique needs.

Call about our BOUNDARY ‘wear grid’ to lower operating costs. Count on our 30 years of experience in the tools business. Need a tool and can’t find it? Call a BOUNDARY technical representative for help.

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