Reliable Delivery of Racking, Drive Tumblers, Idlers and Pinions

Posted June 19th, 2011 by Alex Tutschek Categories: Company News

Did you know Boundary has sold racking and pinions to support P&H 2300, 2800, and 4100 machines for many years? We offer the choice of manganese or alloy racking and have excellent operating history on all the racking we sell. We also sell racking for Bucyrus drills, which are forged to exacting tolerances.

Boundary also stocks and builds to order drive tumblers, idlers and rollers for P&H, Hitachi, Bucyrus and O&K shovels. Today deliveries are overwhelming normal sources of supply. OEM’s have such a large backlog and cost laden bureaucracy that it confuses the priorities between consumable and capital manufacturing. These blurred priorities create delays and leave customers helpless particularly since in many cases they’re tied to inflexible purchase contracts. In fact quoted OEM deliveries are reaching 16-20 months on some parts.

At Boundary we use the word ‘alacrity’ to propel our client support. It is one thing to say you can deliver it is quite another to have the time honored, tried and true systems in place to support our clients mining plans and respond consistently and accurately. Everything we do is to do it better and faster. We suggest you call Boundary, the Company that specializes in the manufacture and timely delivery of shovel consumable parts. Please call us to learn more about our delivery of racking, drive tumblers, idlers, and pinions. We cut our teeth delivering faster and more reliably than our competitors.

Call us or leave an enquiry on this website to compare prices and deliveries on racking, drive tumblers, rollers, idlers. Ask for our end user limited time discounts that are available on our highline products. We will help!