Boundary Provides Solutions as Mining Industry Transitions

Posted October 23rd, 2014 by Alex Tutschek Categories: Company News

Boundary is an engineering and manufacturing company with thirty four years of engineering design experience in solving pit, plant and smelting problems.

As mine staff with many years of experience retire, and the mining industry transitions from the old to the new guard, substantial knowledge about operations is lost. Boundary can be the bridge that assists with this transfer of knowledge. Boundary engineers are invaluable in providing the critical information needed in many areas of mining, smelting and processing. Do not start over – our technically experienced staff can and will help create a smooth transition.

We have copyrighted more than 25,000 drawings for all standard mining and processing wear parts as well as numerous custom solutions. We are a preferred supplier to the mining and smelting corporations worldwide due to our Comprehensive Service Approach™. We listen to our client’s planners and maintenance personnel and provide innovative solutions for their specific needs.

As a result, we manufacture the highest quality castings providing the best competitive choice for your aftermarket wear parts. We remain the only Company in the mining industry that has engineered and produced undercarriage and other standard pit parts to replace all OEMs – CAT, Hitachi, O&K, P&H, and Komatsu. We are industry standard bearers for ladles, slag pots and apron feeder pans.

We are continually building on our intellectual property base with breakthrough products, design improvements and material selection. Our latest innovation is our patent pending YESS™ Roadway Maintenance System. Heralded as the number one grading system offered today, this revolutionary design offers safer, easier installation and improved performance and wear life. Boundary leads the way to make sure our engineering expertise and superior products do more for you.