Boundary Online

Posted April 11th, 2011 by Alex Tutschek Categories: Company News

We have seen many changes since we incorporated in 1980. Boundary has invested in this state of the art website and has developed tools and systems to permit our customers and prospects to take advantage of the convenience of shopping for our great products and skills online. As you browse through our site you will quickly appreciate the breadth and depth of our technical skill, comprehensive experience and our product manufacture capability. Your best bet to take advantage of our offering is to find one of our products that is the same or similar to what you need and then follow the easy steps to request a quote or to build a product unique to your needs.

Client Services

Our website has a large virtual memory that is accessible by obtaining a designated client password. Merely enter the site, follow the cues and request a quote or place an order. In the near future clients will have the capability to locate a shipment or review a current or historic product onsite inspection report. As a member of our client base technical questions are fielded immediately! Remember at Boundary the cloud is your friend! Please consider joining our Skype family and look for us on YouTube in the near future.

Our Franchise Grows

Boundary has become a solid recognizable industrial wear part franchise. Our name is synonymous with integrity, quality, safety design in products and consistency. Boundary is proud to say that we follow best environmental and business practices. Going forward we ask you look for our unique trademark and distinctive royal blue color and lettering. If you would like to join our family of franchises, dealerships and agencies please enquire to learn more.


Boundary welcomes all visitors. We appreciate your feedback on our offerings. We want to make your business with us seamless, speedy and rewarding. Take a tour and try us. Our team guarantees that you will be pleased with the results.

The website renovation was a collaboration of Boundary and Lift Interactive . . . and we wish to acknowledge their excellent contribution and support.