Boundary Expands Product Offering for CAT 7495 Electric Rope Shovels

Posted March 3rd, 2015 by Alex Tutschek Categories: Company News

For over 35 years, Boundary Equipment Co. Ltd. has been producing the highest quality shovel undercarriage parts. Our lower works and bucket door parts are utilized by the largest mines in Canada, and our performance improvements are separating Boundary from other manufacturers.

Boundary manufactures a complete undercarriage for both the CAT 7495 (BE 495HR) and the CAT 7495HF (BE 495HF). We also produce a full line of bucket door parts including the Latch Bar, Latch Lever, Latch Keeper, and Dutchman Insert for the 7495 mining shovels.

Please refer to our product offering for CAT 7495 shovels for more details.

In response to our customer’s demands, we have spent the past 5 years significantly expanding our shovel offering for the CAT 7495 and the 7495HF. All Boundary products are engineered in-house by a team of engineers with the combined experience of more than 100 years in the mining business. Due to the size of our organization, we can adapt quickly to customer demands for innovation and improvement. A recent example of this is the Boundary DragonLockā„¢, our new CAT 7495 padlock designed to extend life and improve performance. We remanufacture padlocks as well. If you require an improvement to one of our 7495 components we can provide immediate innovation on your next order.

Boundary’s delivery is the best in the business and delivery of Boundary Mining Products is just the start. Our engineering team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service during product installation, operation, and maintenance shutdowns. With the purchase of Boundary mining undercarriage, you receive the support of the Boundary engineering team to help you track wear performance, and provide assistance in forecasting.

Boundary original wear parts are manufactured to extend product life and provide cost effective performance. When shopping for product excellence request Boundary genuine products – designed and manufactured by Boundary Equipment Co. Ltd.!