Power & Utility

We service the Power and Utility Industry with some key products that help get the job done. We supply aftermarket replacement parts for Coal Power Plants.

Power & Utility
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Boundary is well known for our broad experience with Power Plants and Utility providers. One area Boundary excels at is gathering input from clients for product improvement. We work closely with maintenance personnel to give them the opportunity to help improve the products and plant parts they work with daily. This end user input along with Boundary’s expertise in design and material selection are responsible for the exceptional quality of our replacement parts.

Of course the end goal is making better parts to improve the performance of your power plant. With our aftermarket replacement parts you can be sure to get what you want because your input helps make the part you need. As with every product we produce, we put every effort into making the best product. From the design right to the installation we work to make sure our products and aftermarket parts are successful. Boundary coal plant replacement parts and utility plant replacement parts are no exception.

When you’re looking for first class replacement parts for Coal Power Plant equipment, Boundary is the right place to start. We will fabricate or cast any part you need. Boundary can convert complicated fabrication components into castings. Ask us how you can benefit from the conversion.

We can build any part you need, but here are replacement parts we often supply to customers:

Vertical Pulverizing Bowl Mills:

  • Crusher rolls and crusher rollers
  • Grinding table
  • Table liner
  • Base rings
  • Clamping rings
  • Wear protection rings
  • Mill liners
  • Center cover, Bowl liner
  • Mill wall deflectors

Primary Crusher:

  • Grate screens
  • Crushing rollers
  • Crusher rotors
  • Hammers

Ash Conveyors:

  • Bottom ash liner plates
  • Chains
  • Sprocket
  • Scraper flights

Exhauster Fan:

  • Fan Blades
  • Fan Spider
  • Fan housing liner
  • Shafts

Need a customized replacement part? Contact Boundary to discuss your needs and get a quote.