Aftermarket Caterpillar Parts for Mining Shovels & Drills

CAT 7495 Shovel

CAT 7495 Shovel

Boundary Equipment manufactures high-quality aftermarket parts for Caterpillar shovels and CAT-BE drills. All of our replacement parts are manufactured to exacting Boundary tolerances and chemical specifications. We have been an aftermarket supplier of undercarriage and bucket parts for CAT shovels and drills for 40 years. Boundary Equipment is also your source for access and egress systems to improve mine safety.

Caterpillar Shovel & Drill Parts

We offer an extensive line of replacement wear parts for the CAT 7495 and 7495HF mining shovels that are 100% interchangeable with OEM parts and are inspected regularly. The engineers involved in the design and construction of your parts are also the ones inspecting them.

Boundary also manufactures replacement undercarriage parts for the Caterpillar 5230, 6030, 6040, 6050 and 6060 mining shovels and for CAT-BE drills BE45R, BE49R, BE49RII, BE49RIII, BE49HR.


  • Track Shoes
  • Boundary Posikeepers™
  • Drive Tumblers
  • Front Idlers
  • Rear Idlers
  • Load Rollers
  • Bushings

Bucket Parts:

  • Latch Bar
  • Dutchman Insert
  • Latch Lever

Safety & Elevation Systems:

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