About Boundary: Your Mining Equipment Manufacturer

Boundary Equipment is built around the idea that our job isn’t done until your job is done.

What does that mean in real terms?

  • If we sell you a product, we service it.
  • If you need specialized equipment or parts, our experts can design and build them for you.
  • If you need to repair your equipment to get it back in the field, we’ll get you there.

That’s how we make sure you have the best tools in the field to get the job done. It’s why we’re confident you won’t find a better supplier of equipment replacement parts anywhere. Period.

Established in 1980, Boundary leads the way to ensure our products and experience do more for you.

How it’s done.

How we give you the best service possible.

Single Source Procurement

We source all over the world to bring you an enormous selection of the best products for every application.

Superior Materials

You’ll be surprised with how long your replacement wear parts last. The aftermarket equipment parts we supply are built to stand up to rugged abuse. Go ahead take it out and try and break it.

High Quality Repair

We know that your equipment is your biggest asset. If your equipment breaks down we’ll repair it, helping you reduce costs. In most cases it will work better.

Engineering Design

Sometimes you work with what you have because you don’t know it can be better. We’re not satisfied with that. We have a team of engineers that constantly push and improve the design and performance of products currently on the market.

Learn more about the Mining Wear Parts we specialize in or Contact Boundary today to order or ask about our equipment replacement parts.

After many years of business experience we have learned one basic principle – good suppliers are a rare commodity.